What is Rachael Ray like in person?

I feel as if the majority of the questions related to this one such as “What is “Famous Person like in person” are usually are met with disappointing answers. Fans are often let down to find out their heroes are not as glorious in real life as they are portrayed to be on television.

I am delighted to inform you that this is not the case for Rachael Ray. If you were to follow Rachael Ray around in person for a day and observe her behavior throughout all of her daily activities, you would find that there is no difference in her personality while she is in the supermarket shopping for groceries as her personality while she is on camera. Having worked on the sets of shows with various Food Network personas, I have observed some of the other “stars” have a drastic personality switch the second they step in front of the cameras. Literally, it was often a “Jekyll and Hyde” transformation.

Rachel Rey cooking on Food Network with Joe Nilsen

Rachael, though, would mosey around the set spreading her positive energy. Whether she was speaking to the big executives of Food Network or the low-level interns, she would address them the same. The humble confidence, passion for life, and contagious positive energy that you see in Rachael are genuine traits that she carries with her at all times.



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Joe Nilsen

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